In Ukraine, prices have fallen potatoes

В Украине обвалились цены на картофель

In the last week of January, the price of potatoes in Ukraine decreased significantly.

According to the Department of “Analytics” APIU “SHUVAR”, the cost of potatoes contributed to seasonal decline in buyer activity after the holidays, the country continues to import this product.

As of January 27, 2020 the largest in Western Ukraine wholesale market APIU “SHUVAR” potatoes offered at 7,5-8,5 UAH/kg. In January prices dipped by at least 20%, and in comparison with last year the potato today is 30% more expensive.

“In the second half of the winter potatoes in Ukraine is at least a third cheaper than in the beginning of the season. In August, when we have to raise our own crops and when the price of potatoes has traditionally been the lowest we have seen in the market an unprecedented price of 11-12 UAH/kg. Today the potatoes are already offering 7-8,5 UAH/kg. It is not happy neither sellers who planned to sell in the winter are much more expensive or buyers who are under the influence of excitement in the fall stocked quite expensive potatoes,” – says Tatiana Getman, head of “Analytics” APIU “SHUVAR”.

From sellers of potatoes have certain expectations for price growth in late winter or in early spring.

A year ago, the potato was also cheaper in the second half of winter, the price increase began only in April 2019 and continued until may, while the market began to appear early potatoes. Also, last season Ukraine almost did not import potatoes, although prices had generally been above average over the last 5 seasons. This season from August to December 2019 Ukraine has delivered 232 tonnes of potatoes, which is a record volume for all the years of independence.