In Ukraine record-breaking sales of motorcycles in 2019

В Украине рекордно выросли продажи мотоциклов в 2019 году

For 2019 were sold in Ukraine almost 34 thousand new motorcycles and mopeds. This is 50% more than a year ago. Ukrainian market of motorcycles has experienced a real boom of sales in 2019 and will surely go down in history as one of the most successful. What motorcycles were popular?

For the second year in a row the leader of Ukrainian market is a brand Musstang. But in 2019, he managed to increase sales by 62% and occupy more than 20% of the Ukrainian market of motorcycles.

The second result is preserved motorcycles Spark, which gave preference to the 14% of buyers in 2019. But for 3-th position in 2019 was a tough battle. In the end, “bronze medalist” has become Lifan, whose sales rose over the year by 76%.

Note also the rapid growth in the sales of the brands Forte, Bajaj and Loncin. The sales results of the major players of the Ukrainian mataranka you can see in the table.

Intensified in 2019 sale and famous brands. So, No. 1 among Japanese manufacturers began Honda. Have added considerably to the implementation and dealers of BMW Motorrad and Yamaha.

Peak sales of motorcycle technology occurred in the Western region of Ukraine, and the most rapid growth was observed in Mykolaiv and Zhytomyr oblasts. Here sales of new motorcycles grew by almost 80%.

Driver of growth in 2019 steel cheap classic mopeds and motorcycles with engine capacity of 125 cm3. Their sales accounted for almost 72% of the market. Actively growing sales and Enduro motorcycle and ATV.

It is significant that by the end of the year, the dynamics of the market was narostat, even taking into account the factor of seasonality. The final 4th quarter motorino finished already with a growth of over 55%, which gives every reason to believe good continuation of this growth and in 2020.