In Ukraine seriously increased the price of the classic sandwich

В Украине серьезно выросла цена классического бутерброда

The cost of the classic sandwich with sausage increased for Ukrainians to 16% for the year. About this on their page Facebook said the head of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko in Facebook.

He noted that the change in prices was taken into account that bought 400 grams of sausage, 100 grams of butter and one polukilogrammovy loaf. From this we can make 12 sandwiches.

At the end of June the previous year a loaf cost of 11.1 UAH, sausage 33.8 USD, and oil – 18.3 USD.

In the same period, but in 2019 the price of the products increased. So, the bread began to cost 30% more, that is 14,5 USD. The price of sausages increased by 14% and amounted to UAH 38.6. And oil rose by 12 percent to 20.5 hryvnia.

Overall, in the summer of 2018 on 12 sandwiches had to spend 63.2 hryvnia, and today the price was 73.6 hryvnia. Accordingly, increased by 16%.

“The average wage for the year increased by 17%, minimum 12%, the average size of pensions – by 14.5%. From this we can conclude that for those who receive a pension and the minimum salary of a regular sandwich became less available. The consumer inflation during this period grew by 8.7%. That is, the increase in the cost of a sandwich in two times faster than the growth of inflation in Ukraine”, – concluded Doroshenko.

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В Украине серьезно выросла цена классического бутерброда

В Украине серьезно выросла цена классического бутерброда