In Ukraine, seven people asked for medical aid for snake bites

В Украине семь человек обратились за медпомощью из-за укусов змей

“As of 28 may was 7 requests for medical assistance, are caused by snake bites. Last year in Ukraine recorded 363 requests for medical attention due to the bites of snakes,” – said in the message.

It is reported that the highest number of requests in 2019 were registered in:

• Lviv region: 59 cases;

• Dnipropetrovsk: 37;

• Zaporizhia: 26;

• Zhytomyr: 25;

• Ivano-Frankivsk: 23;

• Kherson oblast: 22 treatment.

In sebomenoi also States that 30% of people bitten by a Viper is painless and does not harm, with 40% experiencing an acute pain and the site of the bite there is swelling.

As we already wrote earlier, in the Lviv region in the forest a woman was bitten by a snake. The victim as a result ended up in the hospital.

The injured woman was in a state of moderate severity hospitalized in Skolevsky Central regional hospital.

We have written before, the village Lukyshchyna Poltava district, a local resident went to the hospital because of a snake bite.

The incident occurred on 4 July. The injured woman is taken to hospital, after she was twice bitten by a snake in her own backyard.

We also wrote earlier, in Kharkiv region 33-year-old researcher serpentor was in the hospital because of the bite of a poisonous Viper.

The incident occurred in the reserve, inhabited by reptiles. According to the experts, the researcher was stung by a Viper of St. Nicholas, which is listed in the Red book.

Experts report that it is one of two poisonous snakes that are found in the area.