In Ukraine sharply increased the penalties for arson of a dry grass: a fine of up to 153 000 UAH and criminal liability

В Украине резко увеличили штрафы за поджог сухой травы: штраф до 153 000 гривен и уголовная ответственность

In Ukraine since the beginning of spring firefighters much more work. Ten days rescuers tried to extinguish the forest in many cities massively burned the reeds and dry grass.

So, the government decided to toughen the penalties for arson of a dry grass and to introduce criminal liability. For such decision have voted in the Parliament.

This bill provides for increased penalties for “pollution of air, destruction or damage of objects of flora, violation of fire safety in forests and the unauthorized burning of dry grass.”

Some penalties have increased 18 times. For example, for air pollution Ukrainians will expect the penalty from 30 to 61 600 200 hryvnia, as well as limitation of freedom for up to 3 years.

For the arson of a dry grass Ukrainians will pay fines ranging from 91 to 153 800 000 hryvnia. Also the offender can be imprisoned up to 5 years.

If law enforcement authorities find safety violations in the forest and this will provoke the fire, then the penalty will be 4 590-15 300 hryvnia.