In Ukraine sharply reduced the catch of fish

В Украине резко сократился вылов рыбы

The sea of Azov can be “removed so that there is even a shell will remain.”

In 2018, the catch of fish and other water biological resources (excluding Antarctic krill) in the internal waters and Maritime zone of Ukraine decreased by 25%, or by 20.5 thousand tonnes to 61.5 thousand tonnes compared to 2017.

This was announced by the Association of fishermen of Ukraine.

These data differ substantially from the information of the state Agency of fisheries.

“The total catch was in 2017 that is 82 thousand tons. We know that Gosrybagentstvo given in their data, the figure was 94.2 thousand tons, however, they take into account the amount of catch of Antarctic krill. But this is incorrect”, – said the head of the Association Alexander Chistyakov.

Last year the fishing was engaged in more than 400 economic entities that have quotas for the special use of water biological resources, their share accounted for 41,5 thousand tons of fish and other water biological resources, extracted in 2018.

Had to be fished out of 8.33 thousand tons of fish in the Black sea, 16,15 thousand tons in the sea of Azov, 480,4 tons in the black sea estuaries of 1.51 thousand tons in the lower reaches of the Dniester and its Liman and Cuciurgan reservoir, 2.78 thousand tonnes in the Dnieper-bug estuary, 11,796 thousand ton reservoirs of the Dnieper. Most were caught calves (10,867 thousand tonnes), sprat and perched (6.25 thousand tons), silver carp (5,43 million tons), shellfish (5,38 thousand tons), bream (2,44 thousand tonnes), roach (2,12 thousand tonnes), sprat (1,53 thousand tons).

Fish farms raised nearly 20 thousand tonnes of aquatic bioresources.

Chistov warned about the problem of fish catching in the sea of Azov. If the Protocol on the allocation of catch limits of fish in the Azov sea between Ukraine and Russia is signed, the catch area may be restricted only in the coastal part.

At the end of last year, the catch of the Azov fishermen in the five-kilometer coastal area made up only 2% of the total catch in the Azov sea. “On the Azov sea, 45 fishing vessels. If they fish in the coastal area, for the month ironed it so that there is even a shell will remain. Irreparable damage to the Azov sea, and who knows whether it will recover after that,” – said Chistyakov.

Recall that the use of the waters of the Azov sea is an internal sea of Ukraine and Russia, still governed by two treaties between the countries: in 1993 – the agreement on the so-called quotas for fish catch, and the 2003 Treaty between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on cooperation in using the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait.

Fishing in the sea of Azov, which is still extremely limited and every year is distributed among the countries in the framework of the current agreement in 2003.