In Ukraine soared motorcycle sales

В Украине резко подскочили продажи мотоциклов

It seems that the congestion and the lack of money on the car prompted many Ukrainians to think about buying a 2-wheeled vehicles. This is evidenced by the statistics of sales of motorcycles, which States that for the first quarter of 2019, an increase of 90% in comparison to the already successful sales over the same period in 2018 (+76%).

According to AUTO-Consulting, new season and all the year 2019 as a whole promises to be a record in the history of Ukraine. Efforts of all operators, for the first 3 months in Ukraine have already found their buyers of almost 3.7 thousand motorcycles.

2019 started from a leading position brand Musstang, which managed to beat the Spark. Rapidly increasing sales Geon, who managed to reach 5th place. In 10-ke the leading brands and already Skybike. But Viper moved in the second echelon.

Very powerful started the year Honda, BMW, Yamaha. The most growing segment in the new season, steel scooter, which due to the electric versions returned to its former popularity.

Good pace and growing segment of the ATV and sport bikes. Leaders of growth in the new season became the Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions. Tags: Auto, motorcycles, motorcycle sales.

В Украине резко подскочили продажи мотоциклов

В Украине резко подскочили продажи мотоциклов

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