In Ukraine soften quarantine: what is allowed from June 1

В Украине смягчают карантин: что разрешено с 1 июня

The next stage of easing of the quarantine starts in Ukraine from 1 June. The first day of summer will be able to resume the robot fitness centers, swimming pools and gyms. In addition, interregional message starts all modes of transport.

“Apostrophe” says everything you need to know.

According to the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov, these institutions will work only under condition of observance of the recommendations from the Ministry of health. However, he noted that as at 31 may is still not available in all areas weakened the quarantine.

How to work the gyms and pools

The Ministry of health has provided guidance on the use of those or other services of the above institutions.

Sure on the entrance to the school should be antiseptic, to be enjoyed by visitors. Employees must have a medical mask or respirator.

The fitness center mandatory recommended thermoscanning, while people with a temperature of 37.2 and above will be banned from attending sports activities.

Indoor gym is recommended to calculate the number of people so that one visitor had 10 square meters.

The operation of swimming pools are allowed with a limited number of people that are on the same track. In addition, there is prohibited the use of reusable towels, as well as the functioning of the SPA areas and the provision of services massage.

The areas in which mitigation will not be

However, to enjoy the gyms and the pools will not be able to residents of all regions of Ukraine.

As of 31 may, six more regions of Ukraine are not ready for easing of the quarantine restrictions.

The situation does not meet the established criteria regarding the number of new cases COVID-19 in the last 7 days on 100 thousand population in Kiev and in four regions: Volyn, Lviv, Rivne and Chernivtsi. In Donetsk region the transition to a new stage of easing of the quarantine prevents the low testing coverage.

Where most new infections

As of 09:00 Sunday, 31 may, most new patients with COVID-19 per day recorded in the city of Kiev – 81 cases of infection. Many infected also discovered in Lviv (56 cases), Chernivtsi (43) and Kharkiv (41) regions.

According to the Centre for public health, in just a day revealed in Ukraine 468 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease. The number of deaths during the same period increased by 12 cases.

В Украине смягчают карантин: что разрешено с 1 июня

В Украине смягчают карантин: что разрешено с 1 июня

В Украине смягчают карантин: что разрешено с 1 июня