In Ukraine started the production of smart homes solar

В Украине запущено производство смарт-домов на солнечных батареях

The company PassivDom is going to release five or six of these homes per month

Ukrainian startup PassivDom launched in Ukraine a franchise for the production of Autonomous houses solar, Greencubator reports.

One house consumes about 20 times less energy than normal, and is powered only by solar energy. In addition, it can re-use waste resources.

The house has furniture, fully equipped kitchen with built-in energy-saving appliances, ventilation system, heat pump, camera, and thermostat. It also has a projector with 100 inch screen, sound system, Internet and smart door lock with fingerprint scanner.

Due to the simplicity of installation of the house requires no special Foundation and can be installed on any smooth surface.

In addition, PassivDom is the smart home. It employs 24 intelligent engineering systems, including: air quality control, content of oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc. is Also possible to control the house via the mobile app.

In order to collect five houses on Ukrainian production lines today need 15 employees and one month’s time.

In the US the cost of these houses is between $90 000 – $359 999.

“We are pleased that the first pilot line of the franchise has earned in Ukraine. The line will produce five to six homes per month, we deliberately begin with a smaller capacity to work out all the possible problems. In Ukraine, for a very favorable environment,” – said Maxim Herbut, founder PassivDom.