In Ukraine, testing a unique system for the treatment of cancer

В Украине тестируют уникальную систему лечения онкологии

Ukraine is the only country in Europe that tested a unique system of treatment of cancer, even at stage IV of the disease. The operation is performed bloodlessly at the Institute of cancer laparoscopically. As stated in the story TSN.Week, patients after such an operation can live six or seven years, reports UNIAN.

A special needle goes through the wall of the liver and goes right in the middle of metastases. High temperature at the end of a unique tool that literally burns the cancer. The burn will certainly be, but a month later will calm down and the cancer cells will not go further. The most amazing thing in this operation – the patients themselves, because their diagnoses are talking about the fourth stage of cancer.

“A unique procedure made to a resident of Coloma Ivano-Frankivsk region. She removed part of the intestine, liver tumor, but the cancer had managed to give metastasis to the liver. Love agreed to an unusual operation. First, we are talking about the liver. Often during intervention in the body, patients die on the operating table. Yes, and a full surgical intervention in the liver can hold only five clinics throughout Ukraine. Second, the scalpel in this operation is almost never done. We are talking about laparoscopic radiofrequency destruction of metastases and the patient on the second day can go home. Thirdly, the method allows to treat people with stage four cancer,” reads the story TSN.

However, this innovative Japanese technology is used only in Japan and Ukraine.

“The image of our institution highly characterizes research workers, specialists. We know far. And also in Japan. Ukraine has long attracted the attention of the Japanese,” – said the Director of the cancer Institute Elena Kolesnik.

During surgery head of the division of minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery, interventional radiology Andrei Lukashenko did not use scalpels and knives. Instead computers. The surgeon will take a scalpel in hand once from the beginning to enter into the abdominal cavity ports through which get access to the right authorities. Who would have thought, a meaningless spot is the terrible cancer that can cost lives.

Doctors injected through a special port needle. It is through her innovative method is called. Needle – thin tool like this in the world, but because according to doctors, more focused and is able to remove smaller tumors.

“At the end of this needle we have another umbrella that extends rozrusheniya of the tumor. It is injected into the tumor and served to the end umbrella very high temperature,” – said the expert. In the end, the tumor was destroyed.

“If metastasis more than three inches already this method cannot be applied. Then only remove part of the liver. Independently, this technique gives you a chance to recover 30% of cases. The addition of chemotherapy increases chance of cure up to 50-60%,” – said the surgeon Lukashenko.

The numbers are truly amazing. What previously sounded like a death sentence, now more than half of the cases are treatable. And most importantly – this unit is located in Kiev.

“We already applied it at more than thirty patients. This technology has advantages over what was developed ten years ago,” says Andrei Lukashenko. One of these 30 – Love of Coloma. Doctors give a woman a good prognosis.

“If this goes on, it is the day after tomorrow she will already be home,” predicts Lukashenko. And that good news should be interrupted. This machine is about 40 thousand dollars, and even those of ultra-thin needle, which destroyed the tumor – disposable. Each costs $ 600.

And finally, most importantly – chodolenko Ukraine provided temporarily. Ukraine is only using it for testing the method. During the month the contract for use of the device is about to end. And if you extend it will fail is unknown whether clinic buy such a device. The effect of the new method, doctors say, can already see. Only for last year in Ukraine registered 169 thousand new cases. Half of these patients never survived.