In Ukraine, the dominance of Chinese drilling crews – experts

В Украине засилье китайских буровых бригад - эксперты

In General, the involvement of leading foreign companies to perform certain types of work (which is usually the most risky, capital-intensive and at the highest price paid work) to stimulate any industry to progress. This is a worldwide practice. The trouble is (and still a big problem) that we have made this practice their national peculiarities that surprise the whole world.

About this in his article for ZN.UA writes Svetlana Isachenko. According to her, the policy of the subsidiary, declaring tenders for services, and for taxpayers ‘ money, led to the dominance of Chinese drilling crews.

“Any sensible engineer it seems incredible, but we are at the forefront of an extremely complex and important operations mysteriously be a foreign company with outdated technology, minimal experience in drilling, especially at great depths, without the slightest idea of the geological conditions of Ukraine. They have not even heard about have been developed, scientifically validated and proven long-term practice technologies and materials suitable for the Ukrainian space, and use of uncertified chemicals, even without taking into account their compatibility, – said Deputy Director for science of the Poltava company “Geosintez engineering” Yuri Luban. – Our engineers these foreign supervisors to listen do not want. Explain to them basic things useless. But that they are entrusted with the operational management of the technology at sites with a high degree of industrial and environmental risks. As a result of this solicitation and service the Orgy are loss of control over production processes, the violation of technologies, reducing the efficiency of drilling and the occurrence of complications, to overcome that you have with considerable effort and financial costs that, in the end, can lead to large-scale disasters.”