In Ukraine, the infant sustained terrible burns: “fell…”, the details of the emergency

В Украине младенец получил страшные ожоги: "упал в...", подробности ЧП

The child was in the hospital, he was diagnosed with severe burns

In the district center Ivanivka (Kherson region) there was an emergency with the child. As it turned out, the mother heated the water for bathing the baby, but did not manage to dilute it. At this time, three-year-old child fell into the boiling water and scalded his legs, arms and chest.

Mother called for an ambulance the baby was immediately taken to the Central district hospital, but the burns were very serious, writes the New day. Then the doctors decided to deliver the injured to the regional hospital.

According to doctors, such cases occur almost every week, so they are asking parents to follow the safety rules.

Earlier we wrote that in the Odessa hospital died on 11-month-old baby Daniel, who fell in a bath of boiling water. Child received 80% burns. He died after 11 days of treatment in the hospital.

“10 liters of boiling water, one minute, when the mother turned away thousands of people stood on these 11 days have monitors around the world. He won thanks to you 11 days of life, it was time to baptize (for someone important) but I don’t know if this is true. 11 days of hell. We lost,” wrote the volunteer Ekaterina Nozhevnikova.

The volunteer noted that over the two days of the treatment were collected more than one million hryvnias. Now all funds will go to purchase equipment for the burn unit.

Recall that in one of the residential areas of the Industrial area of Kharkov workers pulled market cable with a diameter of 8-10 cm. About grocery store shopped girl with daughter-first-graders. The cable hooked inexplicably graders and pulled on the asphalt. Until everyone realized what happened, the car handed the child a few meters.

Shocked witnesses rushed to help a screaming child, called the police, an ambulance and did not allow the girl to touch his leg. In the social network are sure that the workers do not observe safety precautions, because of what happened the trouble.

Earlier it was reported that in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg was the brutal murder of a woman. The crime was committed on the night of Sunday, October 27. Was found that 12-year-old boy killed his mother, and that, presumably, watched his twin brother.

В Украине младенец получил страшные ожоги: "упал в...", подробности ЧП

В Украине младенец получил страшные ожоги: "упал в...", подробности ЧП