In Ukraine the rapidly growing number of pharmacies: there are more than 20 thousand

В Украине стремительно растет количество аптек: их уже больше 20 тысяч

In Ukraine, the growing number of pharmacies, but reduced the number of pharmacies, reports UNN with reference to the profile of the magazine “Pharmacy”.

“In recent years, the development of the pharmaceutical market is due to the increase in the number of pharmacies while the number of pharmacies on the contrary, gradually reduced”, – stated in the message.

As of 1 January 2019 in Ukraine there are 20 thousand 620 outlets, of which 16 457 thousand pharmacies, and 4 thousand 163 pharmacy.

So, for the last five years, the number of pharmacies in Ukraine increased by 12.5%, the number of pharmacies has decreased by 6.5%.

“Currently, the ratio is 80 to 20%”, – writes the edition.

It is also reported that quite rapidly increasing the number of outlets belonging to legal entities (network pharmacies – ed.). Today, the legal entity belongs to 14.8 thousand outlets, which is 9.6% or by 1.3 thousand more than in 2015.

The number of outlets owned by natural persons – entrepreneurs (FLP) grows rather slowly for the last five years this indicator has increased only by 3.5%, or 200 objects. As of January 1, 2019, in Ukraine there are 5.8 thousand outlets owned by the FLP.

Ratio of retail outlets belonging to legal entities and natural persons, is 72 by 28%, reports the publication.

As reported, according to experts, the Ukrainian pharmacies inflate the prices of foreign drugs in several dozen and sometimes thousands of times.

In the Verkhovna Rada – the same opinion.

MPs believe that the prices on medicines in Ukraine is too high due to monopolization of the market by network pharmacies.

In order to change the situation, Parliament introduced bill No. 8591. It provides for significant restrictions for the network of pharmaceutical business.

The document also puts forward the requirement for higher pharmaceutical education to every businessman pharmacist.

Against the bill were made by networkers. At the same time, small and medium business document fully supported.

Today “pharmacy law” is a revision from the authors