In Ukraine there is a flu killer: who is at risk and how to escape

В Украину идет грипп-убийца: кто в группе риска и как спастись

With the first cold weather has come to Ukraine and influenza. Just in the last week of October, according to the Ministry of health, influenza and SARS are sick more than 155 thousand people.

Doctors are predicting two waves of the flu epidemic in December and in late January – early February. And this season will be a mutant virus from which the Ukrainians had no immunity. But in addition to flu Ukrainians expect an outbreak of diphtheria, which has already begun in some regions.

We are expecting a severe flu

A feature of the winter season is the flu. This year in Ukraine, according to doctors, can come in strains A Brisbane (H1N1) and Kansas (H3N2). And they’re dangerous because for the last time, heavily mutated, so we have no immunity to them.

“Unlike last year’s epidemic, to prevail now are from two strains of the disease – type A Brisbane (H1N1) and Kansas (H3N2). They are both different from its predecessors antigenic and genetic structure. That is, no one has any immunity to these viruses,” says head of the Department of respiratory viral infections of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases them. V. Alla Mironenko.

Last season in America from influenza H3N2 died 80 thousand people. The fact that the US was not prepared for the fact that these strains will prevail, and people were vaccinated against other types of influenza.

These strains of flu are dangerous because they give complications such as pneumonia and can lead to death. For example, Brisbane is more dangerous for young and middle-aged people. It is characterized by a rapid inflammatory process. Kansas can cause bacterial complications.

Flu beginning to circulate in late November, but his peaks will be at the end of December and end of January – beginning of February. In General, the flu season will last until the end of March.

In Europe, the virus came back in early October. Reported cases of the disease in Latvia and Poland. And already have complications such as influenza pneumonia.

How to protect yourself from the flu

The only protection from the flu can only be vaccination. Even if you do catch the virus, it will transfer disease much easier. Doctors recommend vaccination until November, or until the beginning of the active phase of influenza. However, it is possible to be vaccinated during the epidemic, the main thing that you were healthy on the day of vaccination.

If you missed a vaccination, it’s worth thinking about protection from infections. On the advice of a doctor, take vitamins and remedies that increase immunity. In the period of epidemic eat onion and garlic. Try to avoid crowded places, wear a protective mask. Also to protect doctors advise to lubricate the mucous membranes of the nose oxolinic ointment. Moisturize the air in the room, rinse the nose after returning from the street. If someone’s home sick with the flu, then immediately begin taking antiviral drugs.

How to distinguish a flu from ORVI

And remember, the flu can be distinguished from the common cold or SARS.

“The flu always begins suddenly with raising the temperature to 39-40 degrees. It can stay 3-4 days or more. SARS starts too quickly, but not so sharply, and the temperature may rise to 38 and above. When human flu severe frost, a headache, there is pain around the eyeballs, aching muscles. With SARS, a person feels fatigue. The flu the common cold can appear in 2-3 days already as a complication. As SARS and the common cold the first day, and sneezing for the flu is not typical, it often accompanies the common cold and SARS,” says family physician Jaroslav Sovenko.

After measles diphtheria came

Unfortunately, Ukraine did not escape the party and kind of disease like diphtheria. In the winter the situation with the disease will develop. In October there were 21 cases of this disease. Although previously recorded only 5-6 cases per year.

Most cases in Transcarpathia – there are 15 medical students from India went to the hospital with a diagnosis of diphtheria. The capital was hospitalized 9-year-old boy whose parents refused vaccination and treating children with homeopathy. And ill woman. There was a case in Ternopil, when the sick man, who two years ago gave the injection against diphtheria. Recently recorded case in Kharkiv.

Autumn in Ukraine did not have enough serum is the only medicine able to save a person in case of illness. 200 doses received humanitarian assistance, had to share at all, for 8 doses in each area. As a result, the Carpathians had to ask for help from three neighboring areas, and some patients treated only with antibiotics. The Ministry of health promised to deliver another 150 doses, however, in the event of a serious outbreak this is not enough at all.

Doctors also warn that the main way to protect against diphtheria is to vaccinate and to update them since the age of 16 every 10 years. Moreover, the vaccine includes diphtheria and tetanus components. This disease as it is very easy to get infected from the dog bite, for example. How to assure doctors, vaccines we have enough vaccinations for free, just contact your doctor.

Measles is on the wane, but there is a danger of polio

The situation with measles had already declined since the beginning of this year cases per month were hundreds, but now the account goes on tens. In total for the outbreak from the summer of 2017 in the country with measles are sick more than 115 thousand Ukrainians, unfortunately, 41 people died. The main reasons for complications were the lack of vaccinations and late referral for medical assistance.

However, this does not mean that the disease has disappeared. And as in the case of diphtheria, the only method of protection is vaccination.

Experts who warn of the danger of polio. Ukraine has a very low level of vaccination, so there is a danger of the outbreak and the disease. With no known cure but a vaccine. This disease is dangerous for its complications – it affects the Central nervous system and can cause paralysis of the limbs.

В Украину идет грипп-убийца: кто в группе риска и как спастись