In Ukraine there is no promotion of other sports, so no children and development, Natalya Kozachuk

В Украине нет пропаганды других видов спорта, поэтому нет детей и развития, – Наталья Козачук

The second part of the conversation with regbistka, ice hockey player and kikboksera Natalya Kozachuk about the arrival of Rugby and its difference from ice hockey, playing for the national teams of Ukraine and dream.

The first part of the conversation, where she spoke about childhood, the advent hockey, imitating the father, moving to Belarus, why not continue career in Russia and how to earn – read the link.

– Given Your love for power sports, had no desire to take part in the race for endurance?

I like team sports, so probably not interested so far. In the team more interesting, because you communicate, share emotions.

And here fit kickboxing?

– I love it. But don’t say that like to hit people. Me since childhood, in addition to hockey, loved Boxing and kickboxing. But since all the time devoted to hockey, we had no time for other sports. So at the age of 15 in the summer went a little bit to do. Changed three clubs in Lviv. When I was in Slovakia, then came to the training to my friend who works as a trainer there. He said to me goes well, and offered to go to the competition. I agreed, went and won. He began to convince to leave hockey, said that he would find me a job that I could do kickboxing. He opened his own pizzeria, where I had to go to work. Was planning to work, train him and play hockey. But we had a misunderstanding. Had to go to the European championship of Rugby, asked to postpone the start of our work, but he rested. We came to a compromise.

– Continue to do kickboxing?

– If you have spare time. Now just once. Should just schedule to have the time to go to training. I love this sport, so I want to continue.

– In Your life appeared Rugby?

– By accident. Went to relax with friends. In the Shack was found with a classmate friend who told me about his classes and Rugby. Thought it was cool. After about a year I wrote to him and asked for a women’s team. He gave all the contacts. Thought isn’t it late for me to go and this sport, I was 17 years old. But decided to ask the coach. Came, tried it and I liked it. The team had a good girl that well received and I continued to walk.

– How you recover after training and matches?

– After training a mandatory delay, so that the muscles relaxed. Use the massagers. Ideally, go for a massage in the bath, but this is not. Plus eat anything you want. But if you see that the weight is too big, it could take a couple days to eat some vegetables.

– What is the use of doping and Rugby players gain hockey players?

– From the forbidden – nothing. We tested for the European Championship. Conventional sports nutrition and use of vitamins.

– What type of tactically harder: hockey or Rugby?

Hockey. We play Rugby 7’s and men’s Rugby-15. I think that men have a much more complicated, and somewhere on the level with hockey. Women in Rugby-15 in Ukraine, not play, not enough players. But we also have our own schemes and combinations. There is space for the new and inventing new schemes.

– There was a proposal to change the team?

In Rugby 7’s, you can play for two teams. For example, from Odessa play in local team and in the Championship of Romania. But the proposals were, because I was always hockey, and didn’t have time for someone else to play. Even if such proposals were received, I would have refused.

– What is the prospect of the Rugby club “Lioness”?

Now everything is developing. Came to us promising girls from other cities. Excitement among the girls come to us fifteen years and want to play. So now the main task – to stay in the super League. I think we definitely do. You also need to save all I have for the next year and continue to grow.

– What is your software?

– Nothing we spend if we go to the competition. We pay travel, accommodation and meals. Also provide form. But this year such a provision. Last year this was not. Now even the boots you purchase.

– Rugby is one of the cheapest sports?

Yes. It is democratic in this respect. You especially do not need anything. Can old things to pick up and play. There is no need to bother. And hockey is one of the most expensive. Here’s part had to buy. Part of the uniform is bought by the parents, the other gave the command.

– In the “lionesses” there is internal competition for getting into the team?

– I will not say that it is a competition. First Mnich was in the best shape and went to the national team, I now. This is a normal process. We even discussed it among themselves, do not hurt us for it. But it is a sport – who at a certain point, the best one plays.

– How much and what type of injuries did You have?

Had broken fingers, arms, torn ligaments. But serious and chronic injuries there. Also, thank God, everything went well without surgical intervention. Injuries received in hockey that Rugby. It seems that due to the fact that Rugby is a contact sport, there should be more injuries, but it’s not. In Rugby you are ready to contact. And in hockey, the injury occurred when I fell, I did not expect and blew connection.

– Remember your first win and award?

– If I am not mistaken, it was in the winery, I was about 11-12. We went with the guys to the tournament. I was given the award of best goalkeeper of the tournament. I played with the guys on the same team. I do not know now, but then allowed to play the girl with the guys. For example, in a team of boys U-14 can play a girl aged 16 years.

Top 3 memorable moment in your career?

My first game for the Minsk team “Panther”. I was 14 years old, and released to play with older “aunts”. Vice-championship of Poland. In Belarus, I was the main goalkeeper, I just let basis. And in Poland, already played a lot and felt that I had contributed to the success and also deserve it. The third is the national team of Ukraine on Rugby. I didn’t go to the world Cup of hockey due to pneumonia. So with the Rugby team it was my first serious international competition, the European championship.

– The most difficult moments in your career?

– It is hard to call. Pneumonia, which did not go to the world Cup of hockey team. Did not protect the health, this was hard on ourselves evil. When I played in Switzerland and was injured, there was a very good level championship. I immediately said that won’t be able to play and said goodbye to me. Said go home and get some rest, and then we’ll talk. It was a big stress for me because when I play everything is fine but after the injury immediately forgiven. And another point is when I was disqualified in one of the matches of the second stage of the European championship 2019 Rugby-7 in division “Grand Prix” which was held in Kharkov. Was vyskytovat in the neck, and I was suspended for six games.

– Why you should watch Rugby and hockey?

Is contact sports. But people like sports with contact. Like fighting, and they are in hockey and Rugby happen. This is a show for people. People are inherently a little bloodthirsty, so when you go to one of these types, then expect a fight, a fight, blood. Therefore, in addition to the beautiful game, go on the show. Very few people understand Rugby, hockey, more or less. And when talking about Rugby, I think that is American football.

– Did You take part in fights?

– Was not neither there nor there. During the games, trying to contain his emotions, because if I disqualifiziert, it is going to hurt the team. But when will the critical moment to be an attack on someone from the team, then just stand up. For no reason will not to go to fight, try to avoid conflicts and to solve them. Although had to fight. When you’re 15-16 years old, between them was a fight with the guys fought.

– Any superstitions?

No, you do not have. If they are, then bad influence. Because if something is not done, you go to a match and worried about that, I think that would be bad. Work yourself up to the negative. But my teams were not girls with weird superstitions, I guess normal people get. Hockey was girls who definitely painted before the game, especially the bright red lips done.

– What traditions have been or are in Your teams?

In Poland the girls attending all the trainings, were given a badge and a chocolate bar. And in Slovakia on the day of birth did surprise unexpectedly for the birthday girl with a cake of cream was on her face.

– Tell us a curiosity on the competition?

– In hockey, there are covers for skates. You wear them when you are preparing to go and equip yourself. And it happens that they forget to take them off when going on the ice. Several times I too forget. You think it’s cool to run out on the ice, go out and fall.

– Who or what motivates You?

– I’m curious to see what I can achieve in these sports and self-development.

– There is the prospect of women’s Rugby and ice-hockey in Ukraine?

Is, if we develop these sports and there will be people who will invest. For example, there are those who are investing in men’s hockey, but they say that the female has no prospects and what to invest there. So the girls themselves pay for everything. So far you won’t. In Rugby, everything is easier, there is not put a spoke in the wheel, as in hockey.

– What’s the goal?

To such a one, no. There is a desire to try himself in the United States and Canada. But for this we must have your money to begin with. Because even for teaching at the University with all the benefits you need 10 thousand dollars. This amount is quite difficult to collect. And another dream. Went to work, I’ll see how things will develop.

Given that I’m zbornica hockey and Rugby, I want to continue to be in them. Hockey team will travel to Iceland. I want to win it and climb the higher division. In Rugby we flew out of the strongest division, so I want to go back.

Of course you want to get to the Olympics. I think that every athlete wants to be there. But can it be done? I do not know. More likely to get hit with a Rugby team, because hockey just began to develop. We have very few girls that play hockey at a good level. In Rugby there are girls who play for 12-15 years. So this team is more experienced and will have more chances.

Not to say that Ukraine Rugby or hockey power. The priority is football. No promotion of other sports, hence no children. If no children, then there will be no development and professional sports, because where those professionals to take.

18 strange questions to Natalya Kozachuk:

– How many tattoos do You have?

Three. One on his right shoulder is a butterfly, which is cut by two men who have heads instead of the part of the scissors. They shake hand and cut the butterfly. Found this in some sense, I liked it. Hip – the Bear and the girl who hold the hand and cry. Bear in the style of the space. And goby. I born in 1997 is the year of the ox. And for me, this beast is close, I’m stubborn.

– Why You want the tattoo?

I like it. This is when the adolescence, that like to get a piercing, tattoo. I turned this age, and the desire remained. So I decided to do.

Where to play Rugby: on the sand or lawn?

– By far the the lawn. After you sand it… then everywhere. On the sand curious to try it, there are softer grips, but it’s much more fun. We are, unfortunately, not in bathing suits play.

– Why were playing in the helmet?

– Decided to try it, because I’m a power player style. It was interesting to find out if I’m comfortable with, to avoid concussion. It bothers to hear, see, always slide, so refused to use it.

– All the rules of Rugby, you know?

Well… some subtleties, the details that may be confused.

– Taught rules?

– All campaign. The understanding came with experience and matches. The most basic is when the first practice you come and say, “Can you pass the ball backwards, if before, will award a penalty”.

What should be the minimum weight of Rugby players gain?

– Rugby is a sport where you can play big and small, can weigh 40 kg or 70 kg. You will always find a role on the field. You should not weigh more than 70 kg. we Have the girl growth 155-160 cm and weighs about 50 kg, frail. But still plays.

Rugby players gain steeper than the other girls?

Is a provocative question. I could say so, but it would not be fair to the other girls and athletes. All the girls are cool, no matter what you do. Although Rugby players gain a little bit cooler. Even hockey players on the same level.

– Make-up for the match came out?

– Never came out. Now we have no girls like that without makeup did not go on the field. But there is with fake eyelashes, wrapped with plaster nails, so as not to tear and not to break.

Often tapete rivals?

– We need to cut off the nails before the match. The judge may look at it and tell you to go cut or to chew. I was not like this. We follow this to the other not to scratch.

How about the use of femination?

– Neutral. This matter how you say it. We are not so popular to share “Rugby”, “regbistka”. Maybe it’s not the biggest problem.

– How many kilometers you wound up for the match and the tour?

– We have Rugby 7’s, so the half lasts 7 minutes. For the tour we play 3-4 matches. Never considered how it turns out. Exactly it’s not like the players, more than 10 km, and somewhere 6-7 km. We have many short runs and 30-40 meters.

– Training at Rugby or a party with friends?

– Training for Rugby. About training very seriously. Even friends say, “Again, you’re going to practice now, and promised that we will walk”. The answer is that if you don’t move, then lets the team down, and you can walk and after a workout.

– Who’s the biggest fashionista in the team?

We are all fashionistas. But such home – Veronica Langan. She loves bright dress to a night out. She has something to brag about.

– Drink beer often?

– I don’t like beer. But if it isn’t more than once a month, you can. In General, the us coach didn’t set any conditions, what to eat and what to drink. If you want to consult with him, he’ll tell you. Alcohol and fatty foods is the athlete must understand that it is impossible, because it is harmful. The coach has a negative attitude to alcohol, Smoking.

– During the match, often in each other’s hair pulled?

All girls try to braid hair that is not pulled. Especially never try to wind the hair on his fist. Sometimes accidentally fall into their hands.

– How many bench?

Never tried the maximum at a time. It is necessary to try, because the most interesting. Usually we say: “I Put 40 kilos, there are three sets of fifteen”.

– What is nickname in the team?

– The coach gave a “Rink.” Because got under a skating rink. Actually I called “Natal”. When I called coach, he was easier to summon. And now all the so-called. And in hockey I was not allowed.