In Ukraine there will be 1 million new jobs: the Cabinet has supported important reform

В Украине появится 1 млн новых рабочих мест: Кабмин поддержал важную реформу

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that in 5 years Ukraine will be about 1 million new jobs. This will be possible thanks to the reform of the labour market, which has been approved by the Cabinet.

The Prime Minister said in his Telegram channel.

In particular, the labour bill provides 5 key innovations:

preservation and expansion of the social rights of workers;

the increase in the number of legal jobs;

equal opportunities for men and women in employment;

higher incomes for workers throughout Ukraine;

harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European one.

“Hope for the support of the Verkhovna Rada, because this initiative is about a better job, high salary and new career opportunities for everyone,” concluded Goncharuk.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture has developed several scenarios of growth of wages in Ukraine – basic and optimistic. If the base forecast for 2022 laid down the average salary of 16 thousand hryvnia, then optimistic can be up to 18 thousand hryvnias.

In the baseline forecast, the economy inherent in the dimensions of the average wage in Ukraine for the next three years:

12497 UAH in 2020;

14187 hryvnia in 2021;

16047 hryvnia in 2022.

At the same time, the minimum wage in 2020 will be 4723 hryvnia. Thus, the minimum salary will increase by only 540 USD.

In this case by 9 to 16 percent – will increase public sector wages. In particular, teachers ‘ payments will increase by 9% and the police and the national guard – 10%.