In Ukraine tried to smuggle contraband cigarettes on half a million hryvnias

В Украину пытались провезти контрабанду сигарет на полмиллиона гривен

On the border with Belarus detained the bus, which found the contraband on half a million hryvnias.

So, information about the possible illegal movement of contraband in advance provided the operational units of the Northern regional Department of the SBS.

When the crossing point “domanove” has arrived the bus with Ukrainian registration, EN route from Brest to Lvov, Lutsk border detachment together with customs officers carried out his in-depth inspection.

“Subsequently, with the help of technical means of border control, in a specially made cavity of the Luggage compartment of the vehicle, discovered approximately 5,500 packs of cigarettes manufactured in Belarus”, – told in SBS.

Now the smuggling and the bus was handed over to representatives of the SFS.

“The total assessment amounted to over half a million hryvnia,” – said the border guards.