In Ukraine, want to allocate money for a Deposit for newborn

В Украине хотят выделять деньги на депозит для новорожденных

50 thousand for baby. In Ukraine think about the future generation. I want to lay in state budget money for a Deposit on every newborn.

Means the child can withdraw in 18 years. This bill proposed that one of the deputies. The correspondent of the TV channel 34 communicated with the author of the initiative. And together with experts considered how much you will be able to get adult children / Ukrainians / adults?

The addition to the family Olga is waiting for a few months. The woman says, about the future baby’s nervous now, so open for him, Deposit the idea is rational.

“Of course parents will help, but still it will give him some start. When I went, was a little different, it’s hard. Finances getting parents to learn, say so to give me an education,” says Olga Danilenko, she is expecting a baby.

Such an initiative like Eugene. The girl said, this year will be to go to College, so the starting capital now would not hurt.

“As soon once I turn 18, I’m going to do. This amount I would have spent it there, on arrival. You can put more on some other business. Suddenly someone future businessman, could put on some startup” – supports the initiative of Eugene.

The bill “Deposit for kids” offered the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Grivko. According to the plan, each child will be allocated 50 000 from the state budget, which will invest at compound interest. A politician says, so they want to increase the birth rate in the country.

“I believed under the standard interest rates: if you put 50 thousand at compound interest for 18 years, it will be 277 thousand hryvnias. At 18, I think kids can do what we want. Accordingly, they can remove it for training, to rent a house, perhaps a car to buy, perhaps to invest in some business and grow. Well, that is, to develop,” – says MP Serhiy Grivko.

To get a Deposit on the baby you will need to provide the birth certificate of the baby. The Bank, which will accumulate money, be able to choose the parents themselves.

But to dispose of the funds can not, because they belong only to the child. However, in the case of illness of a child or loss of housing to withdraw the Deposit prematurely.

Deposits for kids – practice is not new, she has many years of operating in the United Arab Emirates and??Kuwait. However, in most countries the money for the baby not put in the Deposit, and paid monthly to 18. Such system works, in particular, in Finland.

“According to the state program, beginning with the first day of its birth to 17 years parents receive social assistance in the amount of 95 euros per month for the first child, 105 euros for the second, and 133 euros for the third. The money is entitled to dispose of the parents, at their discretion, that is, to use the money for the needs of the child”, – says a resident of Helsinki Andrew Kisil.

In Ukraine to open a Deposit for a child not profitable, experts say. Because for 18 of those 277 thousand depreciate and be like today 5.

“Today, banks are crowded with Deposit money. Not all the money put on Deposit, work is not everything. And we see this in interest rates as they fly down sharply. Some banks are already thinking about that on foreign currency deposits enter interest rate, to pay for that keep their money,” – explains Mikhail Krapivko, economic expert.

This initiative and the fertility will not increase, sociologists believe. As young families of the children gone now.

“If the Deposit in question, the family could be spent on improving the life of some living conditions, it is possible that this would push them to what they probably would have resolved their immediate issues and do what they are summoned by the state including monetary payments to the birth of children,” says sociologist Anna Krohina.

If the Parliament will support the bill and will lay the money in the budget to operate the program “Deposit for kid” will start from 1 January 2021.