In Ukraine, want to cancel preferential pensions

В Украине хотят отменить льготные пенсии

The first to feel the change, the recipients of pension, who are eligible to retire early.

The Pension Fund currently has insufficient funds to provide all Ukrainians worthy payouts. That is why the Ukrainian government decided to implement a new pension reform, which will come into force from 2021.

Now, the PFC is reported that the first will feel changes recipients of pension, who are eligible to retire early. Their number was soon greatly reduced, according to

In Ukraine intend to introduce an increased rate of single social contribution for persons engaged in work on the list of privileged categories of professions. In addition, stop the pensions for years of service. Such payments will remain in a narrow circle of persons covered solely by the state budget, and as funds are now lacking and Ukrainians want to transfer to accumulative pension system, the state really supposed to count.

To reduce the cost of retirees in Ukraine is growing every year the retirement age (for women) and seniority. From 2021 to retire, you will need to accumulate at least 28 years of employment. Every year this figure will increase until 2028 will not reach 35 years.

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