In Ukraine wanted to ban whiskey

В Украине хотели запретить виски

May 16, during consideration of the draft law on amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine in connection with adoption of the law “On electronic trust services” was finally settled the question of the definition of whiskey.

As EP says, it is reported by the European business Association.

So, from the bill have removed the definition of whiskey, which did not correspond to international requirements and the parliamentarians voted for the bill in this editorial.

Thus eliminated the threat that whiskey, the fortress which exceed the prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine the threshold of 45% is considered of poor quality and dangerous products.

“This business was repeatedly noticed. After all, Europe is installed?? only the lower bound of the strength of the alcohol, however, Ukraine was the initiative to install the upper threshold. This could lead to that from counters will disappear the lion’s share whiskey to difficulties in international trade. As the inscription on the bottle of foreign whiskey, though, and meet international standards would not meet the legislation of Ukraine”, – explained in the EBA.