In Ukraine will be allowed to cross the road diagonally

В Украине разрешат переходить дорогу по диагонали

Authorities have studied the international experience on arrangement of safe pedestrian crossings at intersections and decided to upgrade state building codes for the design of roads.

About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine, reports

“In Europe, the majority of pedestrian crossings – ground, not underground as ours. And despite this, accidents on European roads can sometimes be in times less. All thanks to the clever design of streets and roads. For example, development at the crossroads of ground pedestrian crossings with the “oblique Zebra”. That is, not at right angles to the sidewalk, as is usually done, and a little obliquely,” – said the Agency.

According to experts, thanks to “oblique Zebra” for oncoming traffic increases the visibility of people on the move, this means that the risk of pedestrian accident or other emergency is much less. In addition, it increases the attention of the pedestrian, forcing him to look in the direction of a moving vehicle.

“We now study in detail the method of implementation of this practice we have to improve the safety of pedestrians,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry Lev Partskhaladze.

According to him, in Ukraine, the majority of accidents involving pedestrians occurs at intersections.

“According to statistics of the Ministry of interior in 2018 on the Ukrainian roads killed about 3 thousand people and 30 thousand were injured. Among the most common causes of accidents is violation of the rules of journey of intersections, failure to a safe distance, improper maneuvering, speeding and driving while intoxicated. Therefore, to create a safe environment for crossing intersections for pedestrians is very important to design thoughtful transitions, have protective bollards on edge of pavements. If only because of this we manage to reduce the number of accidents, imagine how many lives this could save,” he said.

According to experts, due to the use of diagonal transitions, the risk of accidents is reduced to 10%.