In Ukraine will be allowed to repair roads without obtaining permission to stroyraboty

В Украине разрешат ремонтировать дороги без получения разрешения на стройработы

People’s deputies of Ukraine propose to abolish the necessity of obtaining permission to stroyraboty in the reconstruction and overhaul of highways with the class the consequences of CC2 and CC3, or subject to the assessment of the impact on the environment.

The adoption of the bill No. 2680 voted 227 people’s deputies.

The bill proposes to grant the right to reconstruction or major repairs of roads with the class the consequences of CC2 and CC3, as well as to environmental assessment, on the basis of reports about the beginning of the construction works, cancelling the need to obtain a permit.

The authors of the bill also propose to exclude from the law “On architectural activities” contrary to the paragraphs on the need to harmonize the design solutions of the objects in the historical part of the city, in the squares, the thoroughfares with the chief architect.

In addition, the document provides for the harmonization of the provisions of the several laws and codes in the application of building codes, obtaining administrative services in the field of construction, as well as clarification of the term “construction”.