In Ukraine will build a plant for processing of minerals

В Украине построят завод по переработке минералов

In Khmelnytsky region has planned the construction of a plant for the processing of glauconitic Sands.

The company should appear in the village Solobkivtsi Slabkovskaya of the United territorial community yarmolynets’kyi rayon.

It is supposed to manufacture ekosorbent and mineral fertilizers, the glauconite with an annual processing capacity of 50 thousand tons gluconasturtiin Sands. The necessary funding amounts to 8 million 442,5 thousand dollars.

The project involves the exploitation of deposits in Kruti Brody S. with an area of 1.63 hectares and the construction of a plant in S. Solobkivtsi in the area of 1 ha. was Developed and passed the state examination working draft of quarry raw materials. Formulated a business plan.

As noted, the field glauconitic Sands found in the construction of artesian wells in the southern outskirts of the village Solobkivtsi at a depth of 14 meters.

Help. Glauconite is a natural mineral of sedimentary origin. Modern ehkologicheskie research identified a number of useful generic properties that can be successfully, without negative consequences for the environment, people and wildlife use in different areas of life. The uniqueness of the glauconite is its high ion exchange, buffer and sorptive properties. Glauconite can absorb and neutralize toxic substances, while making the necessary for the reproduction of natural processes in the soil, water and living organisms, chemical elements, increase the activity of the microflora and bacteria which greatly accelerate the establishment of the natural balance, improve metabolism.