In Ukraine will facilitate obtaining banking services using ID-card

В Украине упростят получение банковских услуг с использованием ID-карты

For the introduction of innovative approaches and the development of digital technologies of the national Bank and the State migration service of Ukraine agreed on the revision of the regulatory documents regulating the process of identification and verification of customers of financial institutions using ID-cards.

As the press service of the Cabinet, after making the relevant changes, banks will be able not only to read information from the chip ID card, but also to streamline the rules for its storage and processing in electronic form. This will greatly save time of customers to receive banking services and make them more accessible to citizens.

Now banks and non-Bank financial institutions, the process equipment of offices and terminals with the readers ID cards.

The most important thing in the Telegram

Further, the use of these devices will allow these agencies:

  • to automate the processes of identification and verification of customers;
  • significantly reduce the customer service time;
  • reduce paper documents;
  • to minimize the influence of the human factor.

How to submit an application form for a biometric passport online

Data from the ID chip card can already be considered using a conventional POS terminals installed in Bank branches. This option in the standard menu of these devices.

The passport of the citizen of Ukraine in the form of ID card that contains a contactless electronic media, introduced in Ukraine in 2016. The use of ID cards is another step towards European integration and development of electronic governance in Ukraine.

The main advantage of an ID card, unlike the passport of citizen of Ukraine in the form of booklets, is its high level of protection. Security is the main motive for the introduction of biometric documents worldwide. With built-in electronic chip ID card today it is impossible to forge or copy. As at June 2019 Ukraine has already issued more than 3.2 million passports of the new sample.