In Ukraine will launch a high-speed train Elon musk. Reality or fiction?

В Україні запустять швидкісний поїзд Ілона Маска. Реальність чи фантастика?

In Ukraine began to work on the project Elon musk — system trains, rozhanitsa to the speed of one thousand kilometers per hour. On the establishment of a test site in the river for the project Hyperloop, stated the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian, the newspaper “Express”.

What it is, is still not understood by most Ukrainians. And in the world Hyperloop yet never earned.

Or the relevant project Elon musk? And what’s the end? About this talking with Mr Wolf, Director of the Center for transport strategies, Anton Shishkin, head of the public organization “Smart City”, Yuri Gusev, the adviser of the Minister of infrastructure, the initiator of the Hyperloop project in Ukraine, and Yaroslav Pylypchuk, expert of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future” (UIF), which is part of the working group on creation of the Hyperloop in Ukraine.

What is Hyperloop?

A. Shishkin: — the Creation of this new form of transport in 2012 suggested Elon Musk. In principle this looks like the pneumatic mail tubes that were used for transporting documents in offices. Hyperloop will be located under the ground and move the capsule with people and cars.

Y. Pylypchuk: Is superchicken transport system. Basically, it looks like a tube with a diameter of 2.23 m laid between the starting and ending point of the route. Inside the vacuum tube moves special capsule hovercraft using magnets and turbines. The system itself is based on the technology of linear induction motor.

The maximum speed of capsule length of 30 meters can reach 1200 kilometers per hour. Each capsule is scheduled 28 seats, they can be run with an interval from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Thanks to the Hyperloop, say, from Kiev to Odessa or Kharkov can be reached in 31 minutes, to the city — 35, to the Dnieper — for 29 minutes.

Now Hyperloop test in the United States, in Nevada.

— How to implement this project in Ukraine?

Y. Gusev: — Implementation of the project HypeUA divided into three stages. This year his expert assessment is done by the national Academy of Sciences. In the second stage, in 2019 it is planned to launch a test site in the river, and on the third stage of the construction. First you need to have a scientific justification for the use of this technology in Ukraine.

By the way, over the Hyperloop work in Mexico. Part of the scientists involved, involved in Ukraine. National Academy of Sciences has allocated appropriate funding. Attracted private companies interested in production of components for the project.

Already is searching for locations in the river where you can launch the test site. This joined state enterprise “Yuzhmash” and concern “Ukroboronprom”.

So you believe that Hyperloop may earn from us? Now that sounds like a fantastic!

Y. Pylypchuk: — We are in the last year explored the possibilities and economic feasibility of the Hyperloop technology in our country. It is possible, but not earlier than ten years and, under certain conditions, of partnerships with companies having specialized expertise regarding the construction of the Hyperloop, a significant economic growth, cheaper credit and the definition of construction and engineering standards for the project.

It is not known whether our steel to become the material for the pipeline, which will move the capsule with passengers. In addition, the NAN there is no access to the development of Elon musk.

A. Shishkin: the First problem is that there is only a prototype Hyperloop, no complete schema and specified standards the construction of this system. The second problem is the need to monitor transport routes across the territory of Ukraine that the new system does not impede the movement of other modes of transport. It is also necessary to determine the safest route that will not lead to landslides of soil during construction. The study of underground soil can take more than one year.

How much time is needed for the construction of this system?

S. Wolf: So Hyperloop is a new mode of transport will have to create a new General planning scheme of Ukraine. It takes at least a year. The registration process of the project, coordination with all relevant ministries, the approval of the Verkhovna Rada and signing by the President can take from 4 to 16 months.

And the establishment of a system of underground ways, even five years will not be enough. In the Ukrainian realities, for the construction of the Hyperloop need 30 — 40 years.

— How much can cost this project?

Y. Pylypchuk: — We did an assessment of the cost of building the Hyperloop on the route Kiev — Odessa is 488,4 kilometers. It turned out 3.6 billion dollars. Therefore, it is obvious: Fund the Hyperloop in Ukraine can be solved only by investment.

The cost of a ticket we expected, based on two principles. If you don’t care about payback, it will be $ 20. But to have it paid off in 30 years, the ticket would have cost $ 150.

S. Wolf: — According to preliminary calculations, the Hyperloop team has done in 2013, the construction of one kilometer of this system will cost an average of $ 15 million. That is, if building Hyperloop from Lviv to Kiev, the distance between which 540 kilometers, the project will cost about $ 8 billion 100 million dollars. It’s almost 227 billion.

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