In Ukraine will reduce recipient grants

Как в Украине будут сокращать получателей субсидии

In December of 2018, received a grant of about 4 million families. The average size of benefits was UAH 713. But a year ago, in December 2017, the subsidies received about 7 million households and the average size was 993,4 UAH. That is, with the growth rate of the number of subsidianes is reduced and this decreases the average size of the grants, write “News”.

And no matter how varied the algorithm of payment of housing subsidies, the procedure for their appointment will only become stiffer. The number of beneficiaries will be reduced, not by real income growth and tariff reduction, but due to the overstatement of virtual income, which are accounted for as real.

To cut back on subsidies will also account for verification purposes social payments. Is the collection, analysis and comparison of information received from the recipient with information contained in databases. And thus the government plans to identify illegal and inappropriate payments.

At the end of December last year changes were made to the Budget code of Ukraine. According to them, to check the government gets access to information containing Bank secrecy and personal data. And in addition, access to automated information and referral systems, registries, the owner (administrator) which are state bodies or bodies of local self-government. That is, for obtaining and processing your data your consent is not necessary.

The truth about subsidies: who does not give and what is the consequence of monetization

This year, the Cabinet approved the draft law “On verification and monitoring of government payments”. And at the same time, the government adopted a decree (No. 18), which expanded the social rights of the chief state inspector and state inspector of social. They will randomly check the correctness of the Commission of acts of inspection of material living conditions of the family, and also to take measures for the return of overpaid funds to the state social assistance.

More inspectors have the right to verify the information on the actual accommodation, not only immigrants, but also of any recipient of state public assistance or payments. The results of this investigation, the inspector shall be the certificate of inspection of material conditions of the family. But under this pretext the inspector can log in to any household (applying for state aid), because no such check requires the consent of the applicant. And by what criteria the inspector will determine the degree of means testing family assistance regulation not regulated. It is not excluded that someone from the inspectors may consider the presence in the household the fridge (even empty) is a sign of prosperity of the family. A certificate of inspection will be the basis for appointment or denial of appointment of housing subsidies.

But Ukrainians should know that the social inspector may inspect only by decision of the head (or Deputy) body of social protection of the population. Therefore, when the advent of the “guest” tenants must require the inspector to present not only his service certificate, but the document on the appointment of verification, signed by the head/Deputy of the service.