In Ukrainian football for the first time the penalty using VAR: video

В украинском футболе впервые назначен пенальти с помощью VAR: видео

In the match of the 11th round of the Ukrainian championship U-19 between “Dynamo” and “Karpaty” for the first time in the history of Ukrainian Championships, the system of video replays VAR used online. With it in-game penalty shot.

In the 70th minute of the football club Lviv played a hand in own penalty area, the referee of the match Nikolay Balakin has not responded to the episode.

But then the assistants advised him to review the video replay. After watching the penalty shot. This happened in the 72nd minute when the score was 1:2 in favor of the lions.

Video use VAR

Penalty implemented striker of Kiev Vladislav Want and equalized. The draw 2:2.

Note that the system of video replays VAR is used in the Ukrainian Premier League in the first round, but offline. It is expected that the system will work online for some matches of the elite division in 2020.

What is VAR?

System videoporama arbitrators (eng. Video assistant referee, abbreviated VAR) is a technology in football, which allows the arbiter to make decisions in controversial moments of the match, with the help of video replays. Officially included in the Rules of the game of football in 2018 after a series of tests at international tournaments.

VAR allows you to view four types of controversial issues and to help the judge make the right decision:
– violation of the rules in goals scored,
episodes with a penalty,
– incorrect presentation of a red card (the episodes with the second yellow card will not be considered)
– mistakes in the identification of punished players (helps to determine exactly who made the foul that is punished with a card).

Thus, the system of videophones allows to formally identify and confirm or deny a “clear error” of the judge during the match.