In Ukrzaliznytsya reported, how many trains have passed for the year of the Beskydy tunnel

В Укрзализныце сообщили, сколько поездов прошло за год по Бескидскому тоннелю

May 24 was the anniversary of the opening of regular movement of trains through new double-track Beskid tunnel in the Carpathian mountains.

“It is the largest infrastructure project ever implemented in the country over the last decade. Now the tunnel is completely provides both the bandwidth demand on the site Lavochne – Mukachevo, and the conditions for expansion of export potential of Ukraine”, – said the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” Evgeny Kravtsov.

He noted that the Beskydy tunnel ensures reliable functioning of rail transport in the message of the Lviv – Stryi – Chop – the state abroad, which is part of the V Cretan international transport corridor. And creates favorable conditions for the development of trade with European countries.

New double tracked tunnel ensures a high level of safety. And with increased train speed (freight – up to 60 km/h, passenger – up to 70 km/h) and the possible parallel crossing in two ways bandwidth of a stage has doubled.

“The current performance and the trend towards increasing freight and passenger flows through the new Beskid tunnel corresponds to the calculation of his return. From June 2018 through the new tunnel towards the Western borders of the state and went back to 10.5 thousand freight trains a total population of over 500 thousand cars. The turnover in both directions amounted to nearly 2.5 billion tonne-kilometres gross,” said Kravtsov.

In addition, for the year this section of the V Cretan international transport corridor in both directions passed 8590 passenger and commuter trains.

According to calculations, the payback period falls in the year 2042. This takes into account not only the income from freight and passenger traffic, but also the reduction in operating expenses from the operation of a new tunnel.