In Uman, a foreign car flew into the truck injured three people

В Горячем Ключе иномарка влетела в грузовик - пострадали три человека

Three people were injured in the accident, which occurred on the night of June 14 in Goryachiy Klyuch.

As have told in a press-service “Kuban-SPAS”, at 1410 km of highway M4 “don” near the village the Spinal Nissan Skyline crashed into a truck Mitsubishi.

From blow the car tore part of the roof, and the driver has clamped in salon. The staff of the Krasnodar regional detachment “Kuban-SPAS” illuminated the scene of an accident and with the help of special tools deblocked male victim, which is then in a semi-conscious state handed over to the medics. Also was hospitalized two passengers “Nissan”.