In Venezuela from COVID-19 died a close ally of Maduro

В Венесуэле от COVID-19 умер близкий соратник Мадуро

Dario vivas, the first senior government official of Venezuela, has died from a dangerous virus.

In Venezuela from the coronavirus has died, the Governor of the capital district of Caracas 70-year-old Dario vivas. He was a close ally of President Nicolas Maduro.

Vivas was also a member of the National constituent Assembly and Vice-President of the socialist party for activities and mobilization.

For the first time about the disease became known on 19 July, when tests showed positive for COVID-19. Since the Governor was on isolation.

Vivas is the first senior government official of Venezuela, who died from the coronavirus, despite the fact that several Ministers also managed to get infected.

Oil Minister Tarek El Aissami on Wednesday recovered a month after infection. A Vice-President of the socialist party Diosdado Cabello is on treatment.

Despite the fact that the rate of infections in the country are among the lowest in South America, the doctors and the opposition fear that the real figures may be much higher because of problems with testing.

In Ukraine, a day identified 1 592 new patients COVID-19 is a new daily record. In Ukraine, 86 140 officially confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 died 1 992 of the patient. At the same time 45 686 recovered.

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