In Venice held a referendum about autonomy

В Венеции проходит референдум об автономии

Sunday in Venice is holding a referendum in which residents decide whether the city on the water to autonomy and separated from the mainland industrial city of Mestre.

Venice is not the first time tries to break with Venice. Two municipalities are linked, and since 1926 have a single mayor and Council.

A referendum on autonomy is the fifth in the last 40 years – the previous four attempts to secede failed. Last time in 2003, the reason was low voter turnout under the required 50 percent threshold.

The voting Sunday comes after the largest flood since 1966, and amid the growth of mass tourism and the saturation of the floating city cruise ships.

Autonomists believe that with your mayor and Council of Venice will be better able to solve their problems. They claim that officials in the more densely populated continent do not understand the unique needs of the city on the water. The separation from the mainland support local politicians populist “Movement 5 stars”.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro said that the initiative of the referendum against the law, and urges residents to refrain from participating in the vote. Most of the political forces of the municipality support his position.