In Venice tested a system of flood protection, which was built 17 years

В Венеции протестировали систему защиты от наводнений, которую строили 17 лет

In Venice for the first time tested system the MOSE out of 78 locks. She must protect the city from floods, which in recent years have increasingly flooded the city. This is the BBC.

On system startup, which was developed in 1984, but was never launched, was attended by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He noted that the project length of 1.5 km was “a powerful project that took years.”

Four protective barrier was raised and lowered at three points – two at the Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia.

Gateways to be filled with compressed air, when the tide and rise to full height in 30 minutes. 78 yellow blocks are able to protect Venice from tides up to 3 meters, which is much higher than the current records, but some experts fear that it will not cope with rising seas that predict the latest models of climate change.

The test, which took place yesterday, lasted 90 minutes, they will be held for another 18 months.