In Venice, the seagulls started to attack tourists

В Венеции чайки начали нападать на туристов

Because waste collection birds can’t take any more to get food from dumpsters, and therefore are often attack passers-by, taking their food.

In Venice wandering the streets with a sandwich or ice cream in hand – not a good idea. Hungry gulls become a nightmare for every tourist. Since the administration decided to remove trash cans from the streets and squares, birds become more aggressive. In fact, if before the birds could steal food from garbage cans, but now they no longer know how to produce it, and try to snatch her from the hands of the people.

Differentiated waste collection carried out by the system “door to door” was a measure specifically designed by the city Council to resolve the problem of gulls carrying waste, as explained by the Advisor on environment Massimiliano De Martin. However, in recent months a lot of tourists began to announce the attack by hungry birds.

The other day a woman walking in Campalto, was in the hospital after a bird struck its beak trying to pick up the nuts. In addition, two tourists were in the ambulance after the attack of seagulls. Most often the victims of the attacks of hungry gulls are children, so the local authority advise parents not to give babies food in his hands during a visit to the city on the water.