In Venice will be a new system of flood protection

В Венеции появится новая система защиты от наводнений

Venetian authorities have tested a new protection system against floods and high tides. The MOSE system consists of 78 of barriers that can keep the tide up to 3 meters above the normal level and come to a working condition for half an hour (in the “after hours” these barriers are hidden under water). Completely new system will work in the fall of 2021.

The system of flood protection is built in Venice since 2003, but in the process had many difficulties. In many ways, these difficulties were associated with the preservation of the historical appearance of the city – massive barriers must not violate the architectural ensemble, said evropul’s.

Venice occasionally suffers from abnormally severe floods, which in recent years began to happen more often. The last major flood occurred in November 2019 – when the water rose almost 1.9 meters above normal. Such floods cause the city millions of dollars.

Italy is not among the European countries, which face particular floods and boast well-developed system of protection against them. But due to the current climate change flooding is becoming an increasingly urgent issue for all European countries. In 2017, the group of environmentalists, the EU praised the willingness of European countries to flooding and recommended to enter the position of Manager for the prevention of floods and also to carry out special exercises with the participation of local residents.