In villages still practice the ancient method of cooking popular product

У селах досі практикують давню методику приготування популярного продукту

Slurp slurp, slurp slurp, up — down, up — down — neilikkatie Yana stick into a barrel-maslami 13-year-old Roksolana Vatican scanpackage the village of Bystrets knocks oil, the newspaper “Express”.

“Let’s see what it is yellow, and fragrant, this is not what came out of the store — said Vladimir Vatican, the girl’s father. — Of course, make butter using a blender or talking the sour cream in three-liter jar closed with a lid. We have a blender, cans are not enough, but prefer masabi”.

“The cask for churning butter is made from pine, spruce, Linden or birch, — says the owner of the Carpathian. — Her make up like meccano — 25 “dog,” narrow planks with a width of 2 — 3 cm. Dog assemble and tighten the hoops.

The top has a round wooden lid with a hole into which is inserted a stick for churning — “beteli”. The altitude of maslona 60 centimeters, a diameter of 22 cm at the bottom and 15 up top. To make a barrel for oil, the local Coopers can in three days. In the markets in towns and cities to sell it for 200 — 250 UAH, and in the regional centres or at festivals of maslany are 300 — 400 hryvnia.

“To knock down 1 to 1.2 pounds of oil, three litres to defend fat homemade sour cream or cream, — says Vladimir. — Best of all — from the milk of their own cows. We collect the cream for 4 to 5 days, keeping of course in the refrigerator, not to spoil. Before whipping, put it in a warm place for about 1 — 1.5 hours”.

Creamed sour cream Roksolana merges into maslona, closes the lid and half to two hour knocks a stick-Beteleva. Works hard, even sweat on his forehead.

After whipping the formation of small hard lumps. Then the girl leaking white liquid.

“This is the oiler, explains roxelana. — It is delicious and nutritious, you can drink it or add it to the dough when samsus bread. Also the buttermilk watered the cattle.”

Further, the lumps of oil cast into a bowl of cold water and a spoon knock them together. Put three hours in the refrigerator. And here is a homemade yellow fragrant oil is ready. By the way, even in hot weather it is almost a blur.

The price of domestic oil on the market from 120 — 150 hryvnia. As much, or even more, is the store. However, neither one nor the other physicians suggest not to get involved in.

“In oil fat proportion ranges from 72 to 82 percent, — explains Tatyana, Cavalok, therapist, nutritionist. — It should be consumed no more than 10 to 30 grams a day.”

Sabina RUZHITSKYPhoto by Vladimir Vaticana

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