In Volyn the first ten chaplains have received the certificate of volunteers, ATO/OOS

На Волыни первые десять капелланов получили удостоверения добровольцев АТО/ООС

In luck the first ten chaplains, who provided spiritual support to soldiers ATO/OOS, received certificates of volunteers and appreciation from Volyn

“The first 10 chaplains, volunteers received certificates of thanks from the regional Council”, – is spoken in the message.

As recalled in the Council, at a session of the deputies adopted a decision “On recognition of the status of the fighters involved in the protection of territorial integrity and state sovereignty in the Russian-Ukrainian war”. Later this document was amended to include recognition of the status of chaplaincy volunteers.

“I am convinced that in the future we are all representative and Executive branches of government, and community organizations, will work closely in terms of recognition of volunteer soldiers who gave their lives and health for the sake of Ukraine’s Independence. Thank you for your mission and sacrifice” – said the first Deputy Chairman of regional Council Yury Polishchuk.

The Director of the Department of social welfare of regional state administration Oksana Good reported that chaplains and volunteers will receive annual payments in the amount of 10 thousand UAH. The Deputy of regional Council Alexander Pirozek, who until recently headed the Commission for the recognition of volunteers, suggests that this year payments can be made to the feast of the Holy virgin.