In which men pull women – 24 Channel

До яких чоловіків найчастіше тягне жінок - 24 Канал

A group of American experts came to the conclusion that the nature of female preferences is very flexible, and women can be attracted to several men of completely different types.

Sexual attraction of women to men affected genes histocompatibility, say scientists in the journal Psychology Today.

Women deliberately choose partners who have stable immune genes, it provides a strong immunity of future offspring.

До яких чоловіків найчастіше тягне жінок - 24 Канал
To which men pull women

Observations biologists and geneticists have shown that the choice of the women affected by hormonal fluctuations, the phase of the lunar cycle, PMS. In this regard, the lovely ladies that prefer men with more coarse features in the image and likeness of the brutal alpha-male, on the contrary, soft and subtle.

According to the authors of a new study, a woman after husband’s choice to ensure healthy offspring genes and the birth of children, can be quite cool to him.

До яких чоловіків найчастіше тягне жінок - 24 Канал
Woman looking for a “male” with strong genes to have children

In terms of finding the perfect soulmate for yourself, women do not know what they want.

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