In yakymivka already summer – the streets were his main symptom

В Акимовке уже лето - на улицах появился главный его признак

In yakymivka has already come the summer. In any case, the main symptom of this time of year in our region, the barrel with kvass has already appeared on the streets.

Good news on the social network shared Director Akimov employment center Alexander Malugin.

But at the same time poreklamirovat the services of its companies.

“The day! The main sign of the arrival of summer in Yakymivka for several years are bright barrels “Akimov brew”, which together appear on the streets of the village. The manufacturer of this tasty product PE “Animprovement” we have a good partnership in recruitment. So those who are really looking for work – ready to promote!” – writes A. Malugin.