In yakymivs’kyi district, due to the cherry beat of a pensioner

В Акимовском районе из-за черешни избили пенсионера

A resident of the village in yakymivs’kyi district was trying to protect from thieves personally grown cherries. Now here is already a month in the hospital. But the bandits continue to terrorize the villagers.

For residents of Slug one of the few available ways of earning is cultivation of cherries. But the capricious little berry grow. Still it should be save. Because for that year, in gardens, foraged thieves. Thugs come to the car and quietly pluck a ripe berry.

These thieves frightened pensioner Victor Brako June 20. And not just scared, but went for the red Tavriya to record the number plate, and see where it went.

And the next day the pensioner was found beaten in the garden.

Because the victim is still unhealthy, the events told us by his wife Larissa.

– June 21, my husband took up protection of the garden, sat glued a camera to the bike. All he remembers is the blow to the head and darkness, – the woman tells.

Further evidence of the neighbor in the garden, Eugene. He came to my plot and saw red near the “Tavria”. Open the two doors and the trunk. When passengers Tavriya saw a young man, very quickly began to leave. Eugene rushed after them. Says in the car were three people – two men and a girl. And when went for the car, my peripheral vision saw that somebody was in the way.

This “someone” was a neighbor uncle Victor – beaten and unconscious.

It looks that it is somewhere dragged. And if not for Eugene, it is unknown what would have happened with an older man.

Eugene called for an ambulance and the police.

Victor Braco in the hospital right now.

Relatives and villagers link the two events, they say, uncle Victor took revenge for the fact that it is not given to steal, and not know where to turn to seek protection from extremists.

– You know, this is not the first such case. Whoever the Victor attacked, quite famous in yakymivka. Nickname his talking “Skull”. Bandit the real, – on condition of anonymity, tells us another resident of Selyhov. Everyone knows he’s a thug, but can’t stop it, ‘ cause family is not easy. This time the car was three people, and the police somehow polls the only one. So, look, it turns out that Victor himself was beaten and dragged somewhere.

How did you learn the wording “MV” “Skull” (the name is in the wording) has already been convicted. Unfortunately, to contact him we could not. However, if after the publication of he wants to comment on the charges, we can give him that opportunity.

In a press-service of allpolicies commented only that “there are investigations”. In fact, law enforcement officers waiting for the end of the treatment Victor Brako to assess the degree of severity of the injuries inflicted. And depending on this to qualify the incident.

Law enforcement officers