In Yalta, a motorcyclist and his girlfriend died in a car accident before the wedding

В Ялте мотоциклист и его девушка погибли в ДТП накануне свадьбы

A terrible accident happened in Yalta on the morning of 10 June. The traffic violation took the lives of three people.

According to preliminary data, on 50 km of the route “Yalta – Simferopol” 35-year-old woman ran across the road in an unspecified place, 30 metres from the pedestrian crossing. The driver of the Honda motorcycle was unable to avoid a collision and hit a pedestrian. A moment of tragedy, filmed DVR one of the witnesses.

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As a result, the female pedestrian lost her leg – she died on the operating table. The driver and passenger of a motorcycle who according to relatives was to get married on June 15, the accident took off from the bike under the wheels of an oncoming car Skoda and died. The driver of a foreign car was hospitalized with a heart attack – according to unconfirmed reports, he also died.

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated, an inspection is carried out.