In Yalta was held the presentation of the book “Walks in tsarist Livadia” Ludmilla Prokopova

В Кореизе прошла презентация книги "Прогулки по царской Ливадии" Людмилы Прокоповой

Livadia – this South coast settlement in the world is associated with two events: stay in the Palace of the Royal family in the early 20th century and the international conference of leaders of three allied powers-USSR, USA and great Britain in February 1945.

The study of these events is dedicated to the many trodeposition, historians, ethnographers. And Lyudmila Prokopova wrote the study, having made it his task “to tell about the most significant objects South of the Imperial estates, to transfer to himself his spirit to show, on the one hand, a majestic and measured – calm face of the Royal residence, on the other – a clear and segensworth all cogs in this big, complex and interesting mechanism.

And now – a new book, published recently, in the fall of 2019, with plenty of readers Koreizsky library for which the author conducted, illustrating its story with a photo slides on a multimedia screen, a virtual tour of the Home, Gomarsall, Greenhouse, Cossack and other roads Livadia, the former more than 50 years the Royal estate. To the audience, through the age-old veil of historical accretions appeared Livadia, Alexander II, as it was conceived by the architect of the Imperial court Monighetti, and the period of stay here of Nicholas II, when by Royal decree the estate was transformed by the famous architect of Yalta and the southern coast of Crimea, the author of the New Imperial Palace and other buildings Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov, won for his work the title of architect of the Imperial court.

Lyudmila Igorevna, working with documents in the archives, tried to correct some of the inaccuracies prevalent in today’s presentation about the history of Livadia. For example, the demonstration of the first in the history of Russian cinema feature film, Khanzhonkov film “defense of Sevastopol” the Royal family passed, according to the researcher, not in the Livadia Palace, as is commonly thought, but in the theatre of the estates, where frequent cinematic sessions.

Unfortunately, the historic architectural complex of Livadia in our time is gradually disappearing: the creations of famous architects to decay, be destroyed or passed into private hands, although, of course, are a priceless heritage and a monument of the past. The more urgent and important new work by Ludmilla Prokopova “Walks in tsarist Livadia”.

Vera Nadezhdina

Photo N. Muzaleva

В Кореизе прошла презентация книги "Прогулки по царской Ливадии" Людмилы Прокоповой

В Кореизе прошла презентация книги "Прогулки по царской Ливадии" Людмилы Прокоповой