In “Yandex” was invented, how to track the incomes of users

В «Яндексе» придумали, как отслеживать доходы пользователей

In “Yandex” have figured out how to determine the income of users of its services and has already registered a patent. The determining factor will be the specialty of the user, and to determine the profession plan in the sounds, and applications that uses this or that person. These data will come from a smartphone.

It is argued that this technology can be used to personalize ads or launch a new service. However, with the same success it can be used for spying. Especially in the description to the patent and not only the wire but also on the analysis of background sound. In particular, we are talking about the demolition work, carpentry and so on. Also, the list includes the work of the taxi driver, courier, waiter and artist, identified by sound.

In addition to analyzing audio, it is proposed to use GPS data to analyze web services and so on. The rector of Academy of labor and social relations Alexander Safonov said that this approach does not always give accurate information about the income of the person. Because “a sound portrait” nurses and doctor to be similar.

For example, “fork” salary of an economist in Moscow – from 40 thousand to 1 million rubles, and information about the qualifications of a particular expert it is difficult to obtain according smartphone. Again, even the exact knowledge of the monthly income says nothing about the possibilities: a person may spend only on himself and to support his wife, kids, parents“, – he said.

Technically, the “spy” is open to all Yandex apps – mail, search engine, Taxi and others. But the fun is in the “privacy Policy”. It says that the company can not only leverage the collected data but also to share them with partners, advertisers and intelligence agencies. And as client devices act as computers and smartphones, and networking equipment.

In a press-service “Yandex” has refused to answer a question “News” on this subject, but only said, “that not all technologies that are patented, then used“. It was also called the normal practice for companies. And one of the authors of the idea Leonid shnyr said that the project has great potential, although he may not be realized. However, if this happens, it is only in the framework of the legislation.