In Yuzhnoukrainsk the daughter stole her father’s wheelchair and sold it for 65 UAH

В Южноукраинске дочь украла у своего отца инвалидную и продала ее за 65 гривен

In Yuzhnoukrainsk the woman stole the wheelchair of his father and sold it for 65 USD.

In the message of the South Ukrainian city court reads:

As stated in the materials, the defendant was in the apartment of the parents, and while they were in the bedroom, then rolled one of his wheelchair on the landing. There she was waiting for a friend with whom they went with this stroller and sold it for 65 USD.

The defendant caused the father material damage to 2.5 thousand UAH committed a crime under part 1 of article 185 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“Theft”).

During the pretrial investigation, the father and daughter signed a reconciliation agreement, which also stipulated the punishment that is unrelated to deprivation of liberty.

The court approved this reconciliation, found the woman guilty of theft and sentenced her to a year in prison, but was released from imprisonment with a probation period of one year.