In Yuzhnoye SDO is developing 4 new satellites

The Dnieper, “southern” now is working on 4 different satellites, and plans to master the production of a new generation of devices for remote sensing of the earth.

Writes the national industrial portal, it is a scientific satellite “Microsat” intended to study the ionosphere. The development is for the National Academy of Sciences.

Modified vehicle “Sich-2-1”, which allows to obtain images of the earth surface in panchromatic and multispectral modes with a resolution of 8 m.

2017 work is underway microsatellite Yuzhsat-1, which is designed to study the effects of aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere on climate change.

Last year in Yuzhnoye SDO are working on, allowing you to expand the orbital groups of nanosatellites type cubesat.

Also Yuzhnoye SDO has decided to compete with the Russians in the production of sputnika of “the Swan”, is preparing the design documentation.