In Zaporozhye build a unique greenhouse almost a thousand square meters

В Запорожье строят уникальную оранжерею почти на тысячу квадратных метров

Modern greenhouse with an area of almost 1000 square meters are building in Zaporizhia city’s Botanical garden. Now completed more than 70% of construction works according to the press service of the city Council.

Zaporizhia city Botanic gardens – a unique phenomenon not only for Zaporozhye, but for the whole Ukraine. Still in 90-e years in our country, there were 12 such children’s Botanical gardens. Now remained only one, and he exists in Zaporozhye. It is important that the city managed not only to maintain a similar institution, but also to develop it.

“The old greenhouse was built a few decades ago. During this time they became virtually unusable. So I decided to build a new, modern greenhouse. She will be in a completely different style. With exotic, tropical plants. Provided here and a small pool for aquatic plants.

I think that it is a unique monument to Zaporizhia. It is important that we managed to save it, unlike many other similar establishments in Ukraine. Botanical garden the city needs. After all, every year about 800 children. Annually it is visited by thousands of people”, – said the mayor Vladimir Buryak.

The mayor noted that the construction of the glasshouses is part of an ambitious city program. Plans to complete construction no later than Oct. In the next year to equip modern heating built in the greenhouse “Winter garden”. It is planned to proceed to development.