In Zaporozhye decided the fate of the hospital with the unique equipment

В Запорожье решили судьбу роддома с уникальным оборудованием

The hospital in the Alexander area will not close

In the Alexander district of Zaporozhye will cease to exist the first hospital. The decision in December was attended by the deputies of the city Council. Residents of the area are afraid to remain without hospital.

Maternity house №1 named “the habit”, because there do not give birth. The women there are in the Department of gynecology or pregnancy pathology. In the first hospital also performed the first routine ultrasound in pregnancy.

The staff of maternity hospitals say that they have unique on all city prenatal diagnosis clinic. They come to women at 12-20 weeks of pregnancy and do free diagnostics. In connection with the decision of deputies on closing people are worried about the fate of the unique equipment.

The clarity in the situation with the first hospital was made by the Chairman of the Alexander district administration Valery Pavement.

First the hospital, no one closes. The antenatal clinic and the antenatal Department will continue to operate as a branch of a third hospital. Questions about the reorganization, closing and re-employment apply only to pathology and anesthesiology – said Valery Pavement.

The reason for the reorganization was the inadequacy of the hospital. Recently in hospital births do not take. For this, women were sent to other maternity hospitals of the city. Exception was only in case of emergency.

We all know how to operate all maternity hospitals. In the early stages of women are diagnosed during pregnancy observe them, in the end will deliver the baby. In the first hospital, there is no final stage of this process. Mothers accept, and send for delivery to other areas. This is the difficulty. Therefore, it is advisable to first hospital became part of the third. Prenatal diagnosis clinic will continue to operate as usual in the same building – summed up the Chairman of the district administration.