In Zaporozhye looking for 17-year-old girl (PHOTO)

В Запорожье ищут 17-летнюю девушку (ФОТО)

Kommunarskiy police Department GUNP in the Zaporozhye area searches for missing minors Cihovska Elena ruslanivna, 14.09.2002 G. R., who lives in Zaporozhye, street Novokuznetsk, d. 36, kV 120

Girl 09.12.2019 approximately at 09.00 am left home to study and to date her whereabouts are unknown.

Growth 160-174 cm, the European appearance, medium build, shoulder-length hair brown color.

Hooded jacket in dark blue and blue jeans, colorful sneakers, a girl had a backpack blue color with black straps, writes True.

Special signs: on the upper lip has a small scar from the scratches of the dog in the frontal part of the head, on the right hand and for both ears is redness of the skin (psoriasis).

In case of obtaining any information about the whereabouts of the above person, please report immediately to our address at: 050-266-31-67, 099-717-40-91 or spetsliniyu “102”.

В Запорожье ищут 17-летнюю девушку (ФОТО)

В Запорожье ищут 17-летнюю девушку (ФОТО)