In Zaporozhye resort filmed a Dolphin (Video)

На запорожском курорте засняли дельфина (Видео)

Dolphin frolicking in the waters of the sea of Azov in Berdyansk.

It’s pretty rare, many years, the dolphins not seen here. Eyewitnesses have shared video on YouTube.

According to employees of the territorial Department of “Azurirane,” the emergence of dolphins in the waters of the Berdyansk Gulf is due to the fact that recently in the sea of Azov have significantly raised the salinity level of the water. And biochemistry of changing the structure of flora and fauna. In particular, with increasing level of salinity reduced the number of steer and increases the population of the flounder, writes IPnews.

Thus, here the dolphins get a much more suitable forage base and actively move to the coast of the Berdyansk Gulf.

Experts suggest that in the near future, mammals will become permanent inhabitants of coastal waters. Consequently, such meetings will become frequent.