In Zaporozhye resort vacationers dangerous jellyfish sting – how to give first aid

На запорожском курорте отдыхающих жалят опасные медузы - как оказать первую помощь

In the sea of Azov settled jellyfish subspecies kornerot

Especially a lot of these jellyfish observed on the coast in Berdyansk. Vacationers in the resort town complain of painful burns, which they get after contact with a new marine inhabitants. But doctors warn that these burns can be dangerous.

As told to “Industriale” head of Department of Allergology, clinical immunology of the Zaporozhye regional clinical hospital Natalia Kargalsky those kind of burns she had seen before only in humans, who were returning from Egypt and they cause severe toxic and allergic reaction.

Vacationers, who was stung by a jellyfish, doctors recommend immediately seek medical help. The victim is also required to provide first aid.

-The burn of jellyfish in the first place should be cleaned, – said Natalia Kargalsky. – Person needs to drink sorbent, take an antihistamine. All these drugs have in the body of every vacationer. It is also good to have a hormonal ointment. This is all that the victim from the bite of a jellyfish won’t hurt.

Recall that jellyfish subspecies kornerot in the waters of the sea of Azov came from Black. Kornerot – a rather dangerous jellyfish, which their blades can cause a severe and painful burn. Often these burns are fast, but allergies and children should be afraid of.

The black sea