In Zaporozhye started the inspection of road carriers

В Запорожье стартовали проверки деятельности автоперевозчиков

The corresponding decree on inspections for compliance with contractual obligations by truckers signed this week, the head of transport and communications Oleksandr Vlasiuk.

The document was signed the day after the meeting at city hall regarding the lowering of fares on buses for one hryvnia. Despite the fact that carriers were not thrilled with this idea, the Executive Committee has signed a decision to lower the prices because of the decline in fuel prices at filling stations.

In the management of transport and communications of the city Council, noted that the test carriers are in connection with numerous appeals of citizens. This includes failure to comply with the schedule, leaving the line “killed” transport, which does not correspond to the class, violation of the rights of beneficiaries and more.

The results of these checks, transportation officials must make acts and to send to managers of trucking companies to correct violations. These acts, which record the violations, constitutes grounds for the termination of contracts with the carrier unilaterally.

Also, the transporters can apply penalties for a violation of one of the items. For example, for a violation of the schedule and traffic patterns, a penalty of 10 thousand hryvnia, the content in the improper condition of transport – a thousand hryvnia and unfounded refusal in the transportation of privileged categories – 500 UAH.

In case of failure of carrier’s objections to the report within 3 calendar days from the date of notification, the act is considered consistent. The carrier shall be obliged within ten calendar days of receipt from the Department of transport and communications to eliminate violations, and to provide a written response.

В Запорожье стартовали проверки деятельности автоперевозчиков

В Запорожье стартовали проверки деятельности автоперевозчиков